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My Blog


Switching to English

This website started in the Dutch language.

In general you can say that people interested in software-defined radios are capable in reading English. That’s the reason that from now onwards the English language will be used.

Hope the writings will be readable.


Radio Building Blocks, A Modular Approach

The idea of building a radio in a modular approach helps in doing experiments. Every building block requires special skills and knowledge.

The hpsdr group (hpsdr.org) is a good example of developing a complex system in a modular way.

Especially the way they solved the connection between the blocks (boards) is very elegant. The group called this the ATLAS board.

Atlas as used by the hpsdr group 


The ATLAS board is the required basic block for my experiments. This ATLAS board can be acquired via the tapr  (tapr.org) organization.

By using this ATLAS board it is possible to setup different configurations. One of the advantages by using ATLAS as the main building block it enables the use of the HPSDR subprojects Ozy and Janus.

The following picture shows a configuration using Ozy and Janus.


The picture below shows an other possible configuration.





The idea is to make a detailed description per block. All deliverables like schemes and board layouts and software will be made available.



All used software tools are free available. Iam working with a windows platform but for most tools there will be a Linux alternative.

To be continued

Johan PA3GSB

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