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My Blog

 Radioberry meets pihpsdr 


John Melton (G0ORX)  is the inventor of the pihpsdr software. The software is running on a raspberrypi-3 and supports 2 receivers and a contains a transmit mode.

I forked the software of John at Github and added code for the radioberry; the code is now merged in the main branch of the pihpsdr software. In the Makefile it is possile to uncomment the radioberry... after a clean install the radioberry can be discovered; see the picture below:



After starting the radio pihpsdr presents 2 receivers. More info about working with pihpsdr can be found at github; https://github.com/g0orx/pihpsdr




The combination of the radioberry card, raspberrypi-3 and the excellent software pihpsdr results in a nice standalone radio covering all the HF bands.


73 Johan PA3GSB

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